Crypto Superstar Report: Is it a hoax or is it permitted?

In the past ten years, many assets performed well, but none as powerful as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are still the fastest way to wealth.  Below is a thorough review of Crypto Superstar, currently a favorite among users to trade within the crypto markets.

Crypto Superstar
Crypto Superstar

Crypto Superstar, what exactly is it?

Trading can be tricky if you are new to it and, this is why Crypto Superstar was created. It is an enhanced, simpler way to trade and profit in the cryptocurrency markets.

The system activates the most sophisticated technology to detect winning trades by displaying signals for successful trades. For the new trader, it aids in making the right intelligent choices. 

There is an average rate of time that the market can be studied and examined for profitable trades, and Crypto Superstar’s smart processing beats this time by 0.01 seconds. It assists in guessing price shifts, even before the market makes a move. Another bonus is that the program runs on auto, given the principles that the trader sets beforehand. This means that the trader has more time to relax and watch the profit grow. The technology opens the doors to unimaginable gains through cryptocurrency trading.

Since the system is seamless and easy to manage, anyone can operate the Crypto Superstar app. Vast knowledge and years of experience in market trading before using the Crypto Superstar platform are not required.

With its ease of use and intelligent technology, it has received great approval by users worldwide. Many successful users have approached us and shared their stories of success. With that said, there is still much more to learn about the program for a sounder decision regarding the platform. 

Is Crypto Superstar Lawful?

Just browse the web, and you will find many misunderstandings pertaining to the cryptocurrency market and about trading the markets as a whole. Which is why reports like the one we constructed are very important for general knowledge. Having put Crypto Superstar software through a very stringent examination and reviewing actual trader statements, it became more apparent that the app is truly enhanced and can back up its advertisements found on the internet. It is safe to say that Crypto Superstar is a reliable trading platform to trade on given its beneficial features and proven trading record.

Crypto Superstar offers its users the option of testing the platform via a demo account before starting trading with a live one and depositing real funds into it. This feature is a great tool that provides newbies a learning experience. The demo account is very much like the live one, which includes all the features plus €1,500 to practice trading.

Official Crypto Superstar Registration


Register your Crypto Superstar account through StartupEuropeMap and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

How exactly does the Crypto Superstar system work?

Like a crystal ball, the software can detect and predict when prices in Bitcoins will drop be examining the markets. This automatic system finds the best buys for the user so that they can profit with every trade. The rate of success is close to 88%, and very win the trader makes deposited into their account.  

A lot of software out there tries to mimic what Crypto Superstar does, but what sets them apart is the speed at which the program makes calculations. Trading manually doesn’t stand a chance compared to the quickness of this platform. The platform calculates trades at the promptness of up to 0.1 seconds, faster than any trader on the market. When you can buy and sell at that speed on the market, it becomes a significant advantage to the user.

There is no cost to sign up and create an account, and if you want to take advantage of the system, you can only do it with an account. Opening a new trading account is simple and easy. A new trader and opt to open a new trading account with the smallest deposit of €250. When the creators initially developed the platform, they made it simple for users to fund the account with multiple payment methods.

While the higher the deposit you place, the higher chances for higher profits, it is highly recommended that new users begin with the smallest deposit of €250. As you perfect your trading knowledge and skills, a bigger deposit can be used for depositing.

The system is free of any hidden fees, or charges. This means that what you generate in profits is completely yours.

It is very probable to build an additional income, as it all depends on the size of deposits made and on which assets you trade. Aside from generating profits, we highly recommend that you regularly withdraw your earnings and deposit back the initial amount, as this aids greatly in building your additional income.

Opening a new Crypto Superstar account

The process is simple and quick; as you can open an account in minutes. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Registration


To register an account, please be ready to include these details: 

  • Your Full Name
  • An Active Email Address 
  • Your Country
  • A Contact Telephone Number

When finished, you will create a secure, strong, and secretive password. The ideal password should be a combination of letters and numbers.

Step 2: How to Deposit


When your account is created and has a strong password, you will have access to the app. Depending on your knowledge in trading or experience, you can either go ahead, make a deposit, and continue to the live trading area or sharpen your skills by using a demo account. For those who are ready to deposit, you have the following payment methods to complete your deposit. You may use Visa, PayPal, MasterCard, and WebMoney.



Step 3: Demo account trading


If you are new to trading, definitely start with a demo account. Why, simple, it gives you to free opportunity to get to know how the system works and learn trading skills before you use real money. The reason this is such a powerful feature is that it is a copy of the real live trading arena, so you know what to expect when you are ready to use real money. You’ll find the same dashboard as the live account, displaying how the program executes trades. While you generate profits in demo mode, you are not able to keep them because it is not the live platform. To collect your profits, start with a minimum deposit of €250 and enter the live trading platform.


Step 4: Trading Process


Activation of the enhanced trading section with unique settings that you configure will only be available after a deposit is made into the account. You will also be able to select the risk amount that you are willing to trade with that depends on our profit goals. Another part of the settings you can configure is the number of trades per day and the currency pairs.

Kindly remember: We ask that all traders, new or experienced, begin with a demo account. If you do not know about Bitcoins, do research, and understand what it is you are trading. Once you feel you are ready, you can turn on the enhanced trading mechanism and let it do all the trading on your behalf.

Crypto Superstar Features: 

Registration:  Signing up is a snap with Crypto Superstar. All it takes are three easy steps to be finished. The program doesn’t need long personal details about the user to open an account. A plus, because of today’s internet hacking for personal information. Remember that registering on the platform is free. Should you be on a site that requests an upfront payment for registration pretending to be Crypto Superstar, you’ll know it’s a scam. All you need to create a password is your full name, an email address, telephone number, and place of residence. 

Withdrawals & Deposits: If you want to begin earning additional passive income, you first have to fund your account, preferably with €250. As for withdrawals, they too are simple, after your deposit gets processed, in about 24 hours, select the withdraw button and you are all set. The speed at which you will see deposits is contingent on the type of internet bandwidth you are using.

Charges: No fees are collected on this site. Probably one of the biggest perks on the platform.

Customer Service: The ability to give the best customer service is very evident with Crypto Superstar. The entire process is quick and painless. Should a user need assistance, the program has representative live 24/7. Being able to provide the care customers need at any time is a significant advantage for Crypto Superstar. 

Trustworthiness: A top of the line advanced AI program is programmed to assist in a 95% success rate for profiting.  As users follow the withdrawal process and receive their earnings, a stronger sense of integrity is formed for the platform.

Validation System: The confirmation system is hassle-free. Once you fill in all the required details with the contact information, the final step is to make your first deposit. All you do is fill in your payment information, and you are finished. After the initial deposit, you will not need to complete any additional paperwork.

Payouts: When you visit the real Crypto Superstar website, you will see there a claim that a trader has the potential to generate close to €13,000 within 24 hours. Yes, for beginners, it sounds too good to be true, and a bit of a stretch, yet, looking at experienced trader’s statements, this is a real possible additional income.

Client Testimonials: Regrettably, we could not find user testimonials on the website.  However, the internet does have numerous websites claiming that Crypto Superstar is simple to use and that you can make money using it.

Brokers: The profits that you generate through your Crypto Superstar account get calculated through online brokers with every trade. These brokers are experts in the field and assist you with your specific investments with specific assets. The Crypto Superstar app offers a list of reliable brokers after creating an account.


Why Should you Trade using Crypto Superstar

As we analyzed the Crypto Superstar platform, we came across numerous reasons why, as a new or experienced trader should choose to use this software. Below are but a few of the features available with Crypto Superstar that would make any trader satisfied.

  • The existence of a demo account: Having an option for a demo account is an immense benefit for beginners. The problem with the competing platforms is that they lack this money-saving feature. Through the demo account, Crypto Superstar enables you to practice and become a better trader and not have to do it with real money.
  • A convenient experience: The program is very intuitive and makes it very simple to get around. It doesn’t take long for new users to become comfortable with the platform. All requests and commands the user makes are immediately processed, saving valuable time. Getting started with an account takes but a few minutes. This benefit reduces the stress and having to understand a new application.
  • Strong win rate: With over 95% success win rate, The Crypto Superstar allows you to generate wins on almost every trade.
  • Easy withdrawal: One of the most annoying section of a platform is the withdrawal process, but Crypto Superstar made things less complicated. When you place a withdrawal request it is handled within 24 hours.

How Much Can I Make Using Crypto Superstar?

The Crypto Superstar platform is designed for users to generate profits. Some will make more than others; this all depends on the type of trading style you bring to the table. No matter the approach you decide, you should always begin with a minimal deposit of €250. That amount is small, but you can gain the claimed daily average of €1,300, again this is contingent on the amount you trade with and how many trades you execute. 

If you are a new visitor to the app, seeking to generate additional income, below are some helpful tips:

  • Begin with the mandatory deposit total: To get started, you must fund your account with the smallest amount required which, is €250. Why such a minuscule amount? For starters, you re protecting your finances and gaining valuable knowledge on how the platform performs. After you sharpen your skills in trading, you can raise your deposit amount for higher gains.
  • Redeem at least 25% of your gains: The saying “earn as you learn” really hits the target with this advice. After saving 25% of your earnings, you keep those gains for yourself for any other financial necessities, while you reinvest the residual 75% of the profits.
  • Acquire and study what crypto trading is: By researching and learning more about the market, you’ll gain the necessary skills and method of planning when trading in cryptocurrencies. Don’t forget that you are also continuously assisted by Crypto Superstar, the number one trading platform. All this means more profits for you.
  • Use money you don’t care to lose: The markets are known for their instability, and given that, you should trade with great respect and intelligence. Because of this, new traders should fund an account with money that they will be okay with losing. Sticking to the small deposit of €250 allows new young traders to trade safely.

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How does Crypto Superstar stand against competing Crypto Trading Apps?

Crypto Superstar

Users have the option of trading not only on bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies. Included are a variety of other financial assets (like forex or stocks) to place trades.

You get to work close brokers who are experts in the industry. With that, you know you are getting the best service possible.

Reaching of 95%, Crypto Superstar, stands alone in the category for highest win rate.

Absolutely no surprise charges with the smallest deposit allowed which is €250.


This program can be used both by beginner traders and those who know their way around trading.


Other Trading Applications


Other apps can’t offer trading on all cryptocurrencies including financial assets.


It’s not clear if the program has validated brokers that offer uniform services.


The success amount is not easy to calculate. Because of this, there is no assurance of profits.


Competing platforms require larger deposits to begin, and this can limit the number of users for the software.


Other systems are equipped with tools that only the pros can use.


Does Crypto Superstar offer a Mobile App?

Right now, there is no application for mobile. A secure and very user-friendly access to the app is on any desktop or browser on mobile device.

Has Television ever featured Crypto Superstar?

There are three famous television programs that have been rumored to have featured Crypto Superstar, This Morning, Dragons Den, and Shark Tank. There is additional hype over celebrities being rumored to have supported the trading platform and cryptocurrencies as a whole. As these raised eyebrows, we have decided to take a closer look and investigate the claims.

Below are a few situations where the public would be happy to see Crypto Superstar shown on television:

Was Crypto Superstar aired on Dragons Den?

The television program Dragons Den is a British show that places individuals with a new business idea in front of a group of successful businessmen in hopes of getting them to agree to invest in their concept. With such a successful television show, Dragons Den could launch the success of any new idea or business. Currently, no hint of any connection between Dragons Den and Crypto Superstar has been located.



Was Crypto Superstar aired on Shark Tank?

America has its version of Dragons Den called Shark Tank. Like Dragons Den, people who want to make it big in the business world attempt to market their idea to a panel of tycoons and perhaps land an investment agreement. No television news ever had a segment about Crypto Superstar, which means that they never made it on Shark Tank. It might be because Crypto Superstar isn’t certified in the US market.


Was Crypto Superstar aired on This Morning?

In 1988, This Morning hit the air and became a hit in Britain. The show offered a variety of entertainment, from business news to health, star interviews, and much more. Because of its popularity as a daytime show, millions of viewers tuned in. If Crypto Superstar ever displayed on such a program, it would create such a rave. For now, there has never been any proof of the app being displayed or mentioned on This Morning.


Is Crypto Superstar supported by celebrities?

Do worldwide celebrities back the Crypto Superstar platform as suggested by many claims? Our team did a complete check per the celebrities named to see if these allegations are true. Check out what we found out:

Does Gordon Ramsay endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

Who doesn’t recognize Gordon Ramsay? He is a world-wide sensation in the food industry. He has his own show, owns restaurants, has won multiple Michelin stars, and owns a successful brand. His backing of the product would take it to extreme heights. Still, we could not find any connection or proof of Gordon Ramsay supporting the platform.

Does Peter Jones endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

One of the richest British men currently in the limelight is Peter Jones, said to be worth $500 million. He is the exciting host for two investment shows, Dragons Den and the American version, American Inventor. With this fame and net worth, his support of any investment product would lead to countless investing in the same product. We checked everywhere and could not find a single hint of his endorsing the platform.

Does Elon Musk endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

Billionaires come in all types of characteristics, but one that stands out is Elon Musk. Yeah, he is the head of Tesla and SpaceX, and he goes by three nationalities (American, Canadian, and South African). Some would swear that his actions on social media influence the global markets. We can all agree that if he was to endorse Crypto Superstar it would make headlines all over. We searched everywhere, yet and nothing could be collected, suggesting his connection to the platform.

Does Trevor Noah endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

The well-known South African comedian, Trevor Noah, is rumored to have been linked to Crypto Superstar for his fame and success, per marketing material going around on the world wide web. When in fact, all his wealth is from his stand-up tours, his acting, and being the host of the American television program The Daily Show. So far, there is no proof to verify any connection between Noah and Crypto Superstar.


Does Kate Winslet endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

The Titanic leading actress, Kate Winslet, became the number one search on the internet with claims surfacing that she did cryptocurrency trading through advanced systems. We left no stone unturned and still could not find any trace to prove that Kate Winslet supported the platform.


Does Holly Willoughby Endorse Crypto Superstar?

Holly Marie Willoughby, known for her modeling and television program host (Dancing on Ice and This Morning), was the talk of the town for possible endorsement of the cryptocurrency platform. With so many talking about the claims, there was never actual proof of the allegations. 


Does Idris Elba Endorse Crypto Superstar?

The British song writer/rapper, actor and producer Idris Elba (from HBO films Mandela: The Long Walk to Freedom, the Wire and BBC program Luther) was reported to have supported the Crypto Superstar app but we could not find evidence backing up those statements. 


Does Ant McPartlin Endorse Crypto Superstar?

The talented British musician, actor, and television Ant McPartlin is rumored to have been actively investing in Crypto Superstar as found in advertising campaigns. Yet, no evidence has proclaimed those allegations to be true. For now, these campaigns are to get people to click on the ads.


Does Nicole Kidman endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

Nicole Kidman, the Australian actress, known for her many block-buster movies, with a personal net worth of close to $183 million, has made headlines on the net that suggest that she is affiliated with Crypto Superstar. We looked throughout the internet and could not find anything that would support those statements. She might have finances in bitcoins, but that has not been public information. Her astounding wealth is from her acting abilities and because she has been a top paid actress in Hollywood.  


Andrew Forrest endorse the Crypto Superstar platform?

Australia is home to one of the wealthiest people in the world. His name is Andrew Forrest, and he likes to dig. In reality, he is in the mining industry and also runs cattle stations. Sounds like pocket change, but in reality, he is worth $9 billion. Many accusations suggest that Andrew Forrest made his money from Crypto Superstar, and yet again, those remain to be proven. All his wealth is due to his successful businesses.

Evidence to validate these claims has yet to be collected. Thus, they will remain rumors. But this does not mean that the Crypto Superstar platform is not a trustworthy system.

Celebrity bitcoin quotes:

  1. “I honestly feel that the next currency strong enough to alter the world is going to be Bitcoin.” – Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of Paypal)
  2. “The three eras that currency gave us are: Commodity, Political, and currently Math based periods.” – Chris Dixon (Co-founder of Hunch now owned by Ebay, Co-founder of SiteAdvisor now owned by McAfee)
  3. “Whole groups of bugs are absent.” – Dan Kaminsky (Security Penetration Expert for Cisco and Avaya)
  4. “It’s currency gone 2.0, a massive event.” – Chamath Palihapitiya (Previous head of AOL instant messenger)
  5. “This new phenomenon can’t be stopped. Bitcoin will get into everything, and the only thing left for the world and their governments to do is accept and readapt to it.” – John McAfee
  6. “What is not going away is Bitcoin. Hacker chaos would ensue if anyone tried to collect credit for its creation. Plus, you would not want to be the recipient of that backlash.” – Adam Draper
  7. “The only great thing about the end of Mt.Gox, is the desire of new Bitcoin companies to collaborate and so that Bitcoins stays and the safeguarding of the client funds.” – Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase)
  8. “The strength in number of the those that care about Bitcoin, over those that want it destroyed is what helps keep the idea strong and alive. It is the supremacy of the long tail that is being leveraged.” – Hal Finney
  9. “Unmatched abilities can be found in Bitcoin. Like, using a currency that only happens if two different entities settle to use the coin and the third party that can’t run off with the actual coin.” – Pieter Wuille
  10. “The power of Bitcoin is amazing, one bitcoin it can provide sustenance to 40 homeless people. For those who are in need of additional evidence, pass me your bitcoins so that after I cash them in, I’ll show you how I can assist the homeless.” – Jason King
  11. “Bitcoin is really just the first of its kind to be part of the technology known as Blockchain.” – Marc Kenigsberg
  12. “Politic drove the development of Bitcoin. There was a need for an uncontrolled and uncensored network that allowed all, fair and uniformed contribution.” – Amir Taaki
  13. “All the disbelievers ease off, once people take notice and the price climbs. It’s easy to make a new currency, the difficult part is bringing people to use it, and it’s the usage that drives the currency worth up.” – Adam B. Levine
  14. “Fundamentally, bitcoin is a brilliant currency, brought to us by intelligent developers. No more need for financial institutions, no charges on credit cards, no fees at money exchange or currency transfer, and no more lawyer involvement. That is an improvement.” – Peter Diamandis
  15. “The world of traditional currency is going to get a wakeup call from Bitcoin, and for everything that it stands for. When it’s over, currency will be improved.” – Edmund C. Moy
  16. “This will definitely be a trade in the billions because it has so much possibilities “Tremendous, Silk Road really works” – Charlie Shrem

Celebrities that own cryptocurrencies or are participants in crypto projects:

Gwyneth Paltrow – After seeing an Apple episode of Planet of the Apps in 2017, Gwyneth Paltrow teamed upAbra, the startup Bitcoin wallet in the position of advisor.

Mike Tyson – In 2016, Mike Tyson teamed up with Bitcoin Direct to start a bitcoin wallet.

Snoop Dogg
-Snoop Dogg posted in Twitter in 2013:  “Purchase my upcoming record with bitcoin, and get it delivered by drone.” Around 2017, a gift of 1,500 SparkleCOINS estimated at $55,000 was granted to Snoop Dogg,as assistance for the youth football program that he runs.

Ashton Kutcher  – Teamed up with the very wealthy MarK Cuban and invested in Unikrn, a sports betting blockchain.

Jamie Foxx – The currency exchange app, Cobinhood, was supported by Jamie Foxx In 2017, via Twitter:

 “Wild about collaborating with the new @cobinhood Token! ZERO fee trading! #CryptoCurrency #BitCoin #ETH –”

Roseanne Barr – An early backer of Bitcoin. n 2013, she posted:

first law that’s post apocalyptic: Any type of slavery is illegal-as well as debt slavery. #BITCOIN.

Mel B – Around 2013, Mel B said that Bitcoins would be accepted as a means of payment for her new recordings.She said:

Bitcoin currency gives my fans the opportunity to come together, and I am so happy to see how this new advanced technology has made our lives a bit easier.

Drew Carey – Once commented:

 I was rejected just now trying to buy breakfast with my bitcoins. #whenwilltheworldcatchuptomyhipness

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Posted a selfie on Twitter In 2017, saying, “In Beverley Hills using bitcoins of all sorts like, ethereum.”

Richard BransonAn article was printed claiming that Richard Branson for cryptocurrency expenses platformcalled BitPay, financed $30 million in.

Elon Musk –Elon Musk tweeted: “I currently only possess 0.25 Bitcoin btw.”

Crypto Superstar Review: Our Conclusions

After our intensive review of Crypto Superstar, including all its mechanisms and rewards, we validate that the system is legal for executing cryptocurrency trades. Not only is the platform with its demo account simple to use, but it also offers a high win-rate (95%). We have tested the system and have witnessed the benefits it provides its users.  Crypto Superstar is a forward-thinking trading technology that generates its user profits as it purchases and sells bitcoins precisely at the most effective time. If you are looking for the answer to our dilemma regarding earning additional passive income, then Crypto Superstar is your solution.


What is my earning capacity while using the Crypto Superstar app?

The earning capacity is only dependent on how much you invest and the number of trades you execute. It is highly advised that all new accounts begin with the smallest deposit of €250. This doesn’t mean that traders can’t make a steady income of €1,300 every day through the software.

Do I need to send a lot of time on the application to generate money?

All it takes a but a few minutes per day for configuring your trading plan on the Crypto Superstar app. After you have everything set up, the software takes over for you.

What is the greatest number of trades I can make each day?

You are limitless when it comes to trades. When you initially open a new account, you can then decide the number of trades you want to make.

What does it cost to use the Crypto Superstar software?

It is completely free to use the Crypto Superstar program. You will find that there is no registration charge or any other surprising fees.



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