Bitcoin Trader: Reviews and ratings

Welcome to Bitcoin Trader, the hottest cryptocurrency trading platform currently running. This review will uncover all the mysteries and truths behind the system so you can feel assured when you use it. 

We first heard of cryptocurrencies after the worldwide financial market disaster. Bitcoin was created as a new currency, one that was not monitored and restricted by the government or any banking facility. From its inception, Bitcoin produced wealth for so many very quickly. It had unstoppable positive gains, most memorably the 2017 run when it’s worth rose to $20,000.  

Like most currencies, Bitcoin’s value dropped, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t make a significant comeback. This will happen as more and more people transfer to using Bitcoins and financial establishments start accepting the currency. The amazing thing is that the drop in value hasn’t hurt its popularity and asset status.

There are still many traders making significant profits trading with Bitcoins. Trading on cryptocurrencies is not simple for beginners, which is why platforms like Bitcoin Trader was created. 

Using enhanced crypto trading through Bitcoin Trader has made many people doubt the application. Most of the reasons for this are due to the instability of the market, especially with cryptocurrency. We must remind the new users that all investments carry with them risk, especially if you don’t have any experience.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, we reviewed and covered everything there is to know about the Bitcoin Trader system. The most frequently asked questions will be covered inside this complete review.

Let’s dive in and find out what Bitcoin Trader can do for you. 

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is the best assistant you can find when trying to make it into the cryptocurrency trading market. It is a program that helps new investors generate profits, even if they have little to no experience. Created in 2017 by Gary Roberts, it became the go-to platform by many to generate additional income.


Supported by an AI system, the program operates employing a smart technology. All this makes the platform very simple to use and to cross from section to the next. It has been stated that Bitcoin Trader is among a select few programs that are rated best in the cryptocurrency market. You will find that Bitcoin Code and Crytosoft are very comparable to Bitcoin Trader.

Our central goal for putting together this review was to grasp how the mechanical trading system executes trades and if it truly is money-making. A lot have already shared their experiences with the program and testified that they were able to generate significant money, even weeks from activating an account.

Is the platform legal or is it a hoax?

Countless concerns and beliefs arise pertaining to the validity of Bitcoin Trader, particularly its ability to make money for investors who want to try trading. It has been proclaimed that Bitcoin Trader can be used by beginners and experienced traders and that it is 100% legal. 

We were able to gather evaluations from regular old users and new active users of the program. In all fairness, some supported the system and its ability to make money, while others voiced their disappointment while trying out the program. This is very normal, not all users will undergo a positive experience, and that is because the unique cryptocurrency market is very unstable, with risks to accept.

Official Bitcoin Trader Registration

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Register your Bitcoin Trader account through StartupEuropeMap and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

Below is a brief list which backs such claims stating that Bitcoin Trader is truly 100% legal

  • A success-rate of up to 88% can be reached by utilizing the signals while trading with the program.
  • The software is very intuitive and simple to pilot. The possibility of high profits is very real for those traders who studied and brushed up their skills in trading. 
  • For all beginners, a new account requires the smallest funding of €250, which verifies the assumption that the creators of the platform only care about assisting users to generate money.
  • Getting the software on your device takes seconds. Once a user is registered, they can trade from any location they are at.

The way Bitcoin Trader works

All new traders will need to satisfy a registration process and then activate an account. Once this step is completed, a first-time deposit needs to be made. After the account is funded, the trader will turn on the auto-trading option, and the system will execute the trades on behalf of the user. The procedure is very clear.

Here are additional helpful details for beginner users: 

  • Bitcoin Trader can be used in over 150 regions due to its unique certification.
  • Many reports testify that with Bitcoin Trader there is a 96% win-rate on transactions.
  • While other programs require a high initial deposit, Bitcoin Trader starts at only €250.
  • The Bitcoin Trader app is safe and guarded against any third-party software interference.

Bitcoin Trader vs. Other trading platforms

Here are noteworthy distinctions amid similar trading applications and Bitcoin Trader: 

Bitcoin Trader

  • Painless Signup
  • Several Depositing options
  • Various methods of setting trade rules
  • Real favorable statements
  • Quick withdrawal procedure

Other Crypto Systems

·       Signup procedure is very long

·       Minimal payment options

·       A lot of limitations for generating profits

·       To many negative reviews

·       Sluggish transactional processing

Privileges when trading with Bitcoin Trader

Below are some perks for new users of the Bitcoin Trader platform: 

  • Practical features- New users will see how simple it is to get around in the platform. Every element is very easy to comprehend and work with. 
  • Validation procedure- confirming the trader’s personal details is very crucial. Fortunately, the validation steps are fast and simple to follow. In fact, it can be done through the email account the user used to register.
  • Online customer assistance- Customer assistance representatives are ready to help 24/7.
  • Demo trading component- users can practice generating money on this system before producing real cash. This feature at the same time protects users from using large amounts of money towards a market they are not skilled at. 
  • Quick transactions- After a trade, you will see transactions be processed in up to 24 hours. This is due to precise and instant technology use by Bitcoin Trader. 
  • Brokers- the program is associated with stockbroker linked online. A broker that is allotted to the new trader to assist with trading.
  • Comment systems- Many testimonials are posted by current and old traders. Some stated earning €100,000 in revenues in just 2 months. 

How much profit can be generated with Bitcoin Trader?

They are more than 1000s making profits daily using Bitcoin Trader. But keep in mind that there are always risks included when working with cryptocurrency. The market is very time-dependent and unstable; thus, these two elements mean that new users must learn as much as they can about the program before financing large amounts.

Some helpful guidelines to help new users save themselves from huge losses:

  1. The key is to invest smart, like using the smallest deposit of €250 initially. Claims of making incredible profits from the minimum deposit are continuously reported. 
  2. Collecting earnings- we advise withdrawing any profits you make and always keeping the initial amount deposited to trade with. This way, you can utilize your profits, and the first deposit you invested keeps building additional money. 
  3. Do your homework- Learn more about Bitcoin Trader before opening and funding an account. Should you have any question we have an FAQ portion in this review for you to see. 
  4. Never invest your reserves- we propose that first time users utilize the money that they don’t care to lose,rather than investing their savings as a first deposit. Always remember that the cryptocurrency market is constantly changing sometimes in an instant.

Creating a Bitcoin Trader account


Signup can be performed on the actual Bitcoin Trader account. All users will need to fulfill a mandatory non-negotiable registration form. Once all the crucial information is given, the user will move onto the second phase, creating a password. It is highly recommended to select a password that is very hard to guess, something that is alphanumeric. After you complete the contact information and password section, you will have to satisfy a verification process, and the registration process will be completed. Confirmation of a user’s account can be done through the email address that they registered with. The entire registration process usually takes close to a few minutes.


A smart way to start your trading is with the minimum deposit of €250. For the live trading selection to be active, this initial deposit must be completed. We encourage new traders to start with small deposits. Users have many options to choose from for making a deposit. Multiple payment options mean the procedure is quick and beneficial to the user.



Bitcoin Trader is flexible when it comes to depositing funds. You can deposit by Maestro, Visa, or MasterCard. However, users will still need to verify the validity of their cards. If you are nervous providing card details, rest assured it’s safe. Bitcoin Trader uses SSL technology in safeguarding all your transactions. Your details are hidden and cannot be deciphered, which means that the site is completely safe. 

Trading with Demo Accounts

We highly advise testing the system through a demo account before trading with live accounts using actual money. Why? Simple, the demo is an exact copy of the real thing, saving the unskilled trader money and helping them build experience with the program and its mechanics.

Trading Procedure

When you are ready to trade, we suggest that all new users configure a trading parameter. That way, they protect their investments and reduce the likelihood of bigger deficits.  At the conclusion of setting trading limits, the system will put those principles into effect for every trade, as long as the user did not make any new changes. We highly recommend taking advantage of the demo trades before you jump into real live trading. There are many testimonials from previous users that money can be made even from the original first-time deposit.   

Are US Customers allowed to use Bitcoin Trader?

No, Americans may not utilize Bitcoin Trader, though many similar trading programs are certified in the US for users seeking to trade cryptocurrencies.

Does a Bitcoin Trader application exist?

There have been many claims that a Bitcoin Trader application is available. These assumptions have not been confirmed. For now, all trading can be done via a desktop computer or on a mobile device through the website. All users still need to open and activate an account and execute an initial deposit on the Bitcoin Trader website.

Did Bitcoin Trader ever get presented on a television program?

Allegations have been hinting to Bitcoin Trader being promoted on television shows. Some of the shows mentioned are Shark Tank, This Morning, and Dragons Den. Still, nothing was ever found to show they are accurate claims. The same goes for any support made by celebrities, especially while curiosities for that trade increase. 

The below are select grounds for why viewers would choose to see Bitcoin Trader displayed on the following
TV programs:

Is there a Dragons Den Bitcoin Trader scene?

Dragons Den, a British television program and places new business dreamers in front of a chosen group of successful entrepreneurs, in an attempt to convince them to invest in their idea.  It is well known that the show can launch a well-developed idea into a very successful product. After tirelessly seeking any link, we couldn’t find anything that had to do with Bitcoin Trader.

Is there a Shark Tank Bitcoin Trader episode?

Another show that mimics Dragons Den is called Shark Tank, an American program, where guests have to present and sell their invention to a collection of six successful entrepreneurs for investments.  Because Bitcoin Trader was never covered by all the media, it is very clear that the product never made it on the American show. One possible reason is that it is banned from use in the United States.  

Was Bitcoin Trader shown on This Morning?

The iTV British program known as This Morning was introduced in 1988 that covered topics like, health, business reviews, interviews with famous performers, and much more. Viewers were glued to their screens; thus, countless people would have noticed if Bitcoin Trader was presented on the show. News of its episode would flood social media and every news channel.  Because there is no evidence of news reports or social media craze, it is fair to say that Bitcoin Trader was not featured on This Morning.

Has Bitcoin Trader been endorsed by celebrities?

What do we know about Bitcoin Trader being backed by global celebrities? As so many rumors flood the internet, we decided to look into each allegation.  Our results are listed below:

Gordon Ramsay: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?
Gordon Ramsay is a globally known British chef, possessing numerous Michelin stars for his dishes. He is also a highly successful restaurateur, television host, and writer. Need we mention, he also has a name brand to go with his accomplishments. So obviously, an endorsement from him would boost any new product.  We looked throughout the internet and have not come up with any proof of his endorsement for Bitcoin Trader, which makes the claims not credible.

Peter Jones: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?

Dragons Den and American Inventor host Peter Jones is one wealthy British businessman. His net worth is up near $500 million. This means that his signature or approval of any product would bring a flood of new investors. Because of rumors claiming that he has a link to Bitcoin Trader, we did some searching around for evidence and came up empty-handed.


Elon Musk: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?

The man behind Tesla and SpaceX, who so happens to carry with him three citizenships, (Canadian, American, and South African), is no other than the unconventional billionaire Elon Musk. It is said that his posts on Twitter shape the market. This means that if Elon Musk had anything to do with Bitcoin Trader, it would make national news not to mention cause Bitcoin websites to collapse. Nowhere on the internet did we come across any proof of the allegations that Elon Must endorses Bitcoin Trader.


Trevor Noah: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?

Making our list, is Trevor Noah, the South African comedian, who is also known for his political opinions, his acting abilities, and for his part in the American talk program, The Daily Show. His fame hasn’t helped him escaped the clutches of the tabloids and ads popping up on the internet.  These statements claim that Trevor’s wealth is from his connection to Bitcoin Trader. To put these allegations to rest, we researched and found nothing that justified these rumors. The fact is that Trevor’s wealth is from his comedic background and performances.

Kate Winslet:  Does she support Bitcoin Trader?

The world-renowned Kate Winslet, a popular British actress, famous for her nomination as best actress in Titanic and many other dramas with leading roles. Recently the internet went wild, as browsers searched her name in connection with forward-thinking cryptocurrency trading systems. Our team did their own searches and found nothing. Not one mention of Kate Winslet supporting any trading program.

Holly Willoughby: Does she support Bitcoin Trader?

The host of This Morning and Dancing on Ice, the English born model, and author, Holly Marie Willoughby, too has been rumored to be supporting platforms that execute innovatory crypto trading. With all the hype, there haven’t been any concrete warrants confirming this, leaving these claims aside as false accusations.


Idris Elba: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?

Idris Elba, a successful DJ, rapper/songwriter, producer, and British actor. Most people know him from his performance in the HBO TV production titled, the Wire, the BBC ONE TV sitcom Luther, including his role as Nelson Mandela, from the movie, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. Allegations of his endorsement of Bitcoin Trader could not be proven and are or now simple rumors.



Ant McPartlin: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?

Ant McPartlin is an English television host and producer, performer, and musician. There are claims that there are numerous internet marketing campaigns showing his investment linkage to Bitcoin Trader. Still, not a single shred of evidence has been located.

Has Nicole Kidman Invested Bitcoin Trader?

The popular prize-winning, A-list Hollywood actress/producer, and Australian native, Nicole Kidman is said to be worth $183 million. Today the internet is full of assumptions that she is tied to Bitcoin Trader and invests in bitcoins. Till now, no definite accounts of her investing or supporting have been found.  While she might have finances in bitcoins, it is not general knowledge. With regards to her source of wealth, it’s a no-brainer being one of the highest-paid actresses in the film from 2006, 2018, and 2019 should do the trick.


Andrew Forrest: Does he support Bitcoin Trader?

The Australian mining trade and cattle farming entrepreneur, Andrew Forrest, whose net worth is close to $9 billion, has been rumored to have been linked to Bitcoin Trader. These accusations are not accurate as all his wealth has been produced through his businesses. The speculation that Mr. Forrest invests in bitcoins remains to be proven.  

No evidence has been found to prove these allegations, and so the celebrity backings remain assumptions. But, keep in mind that while Bitcoin Trader is an enhanced and legal trading system, it is not linked to any marketing allegations for increased advertising traffic.

What public figures and successful people are really saying about bitcoin

Bitcoin is attracting awareness from simple individuals, public figures, and the wealthy. While not all celebrities are backing cryptocurrencies, below is a list of celebs who have come out and shared their views on cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoins. 

  1. “Bitcoin is an amazing technical accomplishment.” – Bill Gates
  2. “Being able to develop something that cannot be copied within the computerized realm, brings huge value, which is why Bitcoins are unbelievable cryptographic attainments.” – Eric Schmidt (Google CEO)
  3. “Look out world there might be a new currency taking control, and it’s called Bitcoin. It could very well become the most pivotal method of purchasing for items or asset transferals.” – Kim Dotcom (CEO of MegaUpload)
  4. “It is in the mathematical basis which is not influenced by human faults or politics for which we have committed our belief and finances.” – Tyler Winklevoss (Co-inventor of Facebook)
  5. “When you have your enticements set properly then your program will achieve and grow and that is exactly what Bitcoin did.” – Julian Assange (Founder of Wikileaks)
  6. “Thusly bitcoin is virtual elitist currency…” – William Shatner (Performer in Star Trek TOS)
  7. “One of the bravest business technologies is Virgin Galactic. Breakthroughs are the result of that technology, and this is precisely the same thing Bitcoin is achieving, only in creating a new currency.” – Sir Richard Branson (originator of Virgin team of companies)
  8. “I have Bitcoins, and I truly fancy them. Bitcoins allow you to keep value in an organized report. When you see what is happening around the world, particularly Argentina, where there is inflation reaching 40% and the money there has no worth. Bitcoins are an excellent investment tool, especially if you are not worried about risks. However, this won’t turn into the currency, not until the instability comes down.” – David Marcus (CEO of Paypal)
  9. “One of the fascinating reasons that I follow bitcoin is because the essence of this creation is a mathematical equation that has taken over the procedures of [our government].” – Al Gore (45th V.P. of the United States)
  10. “Bitcoin is most probably the TCP/IP of currency.” – Paul Buchheit (Designer of Gmail)
  11. “I am so fascinated with Bitcoin. It gives the impression that, Techies rave over it, possesses Paradigm change,however, it’s ridiculed as being a trinket. Same goes for microcomputers.” – Paul Graham (Yahoo Store)
  12. “Bitcoin is going to affect the banks the same way email affected the mail delivery industry.” – Rick Falkvinge (Originator of the Swedish pirate party)
  13. “Bitcoin resembles the world wide web prior to the browser.” – Wences Casares (Founder of Banco Lemon)
  14. “[Computer-generated Currencies] may last the time if the design secures faster and more protected purchasing method.” – Ben Bernanke (Chairman of the Federal Reserve)
  15. “I feel that Bitcoin become the initial [encrypted currency] that can alter our world.” – Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of Paypal)
  16. “We have three periods of money: Product grounded, governmentally founded, and today, mathematically built.” – Chris Dixon (Co-founder of Hunch now owned by Ebay, Co-founder of SiteAdvisor now owned by McAfee)
  17. “Complete types of errors are gone.” – Dan Kaminsky (Security Penetration Expert for Cisco and Avaya)
  18. “This is currency 2.0, a mega breakthrough.” – Chamath Palihapitiya (Previous head of AOL instant messenger)
  19. “Bitcoin can’t be contained. The world will have change because it will be everywhere. Governments of the globe will need to be reconfigured.” – John McAfee
  20. “Bitcoin is not going anywhere. If anyone attempts to share the credit for the licensing of this cryptocurrency, it will create major hacker chaos. And I feel bad for the unlucky person answering the hacker rage.” – Adam Draper
  21. “One beneficial result of the downfall of Mt. Gox, must be the preparedness of young Bitcoin companies to collaborate and safeguard tomorrow’s Bitcoin and the safekeeping of the client’s finances.” – Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase)
  22. “The innovation of Bitcoin shows to be very hopeful. I enjoy the concept of creating safety upon the hypothesis of the CPU strength of authentic contributors is greater than that of the attacker. A contemporary view that leverages the aptitude within the long tail.” – Hal Finney
  23. “No other money provides the opportunities that Bitcoins offer. One cool benefit is that if no two contributors agree to spend that particular coin, it cannot be used, which means no third party and make off with that currency.” – Pieter Wuille
  24. “If any of you are skeptical about the power of bitcoin, listen to this. One bitcoin can provide food for 40 down-and-out individuals who are located in Pensacola. Need more validity? Send me the coins, and I will show you how I feed these needy people. This is why it is a unique period to get involved in Bitcoin.” – Jason King
  25. “Bitcoin is the initial appearance of the accepted possibilities in the technology known as Blockchain.” – Marc Kenigsberg
  26. “The strong legislative commitment that Bitcoin was designed for, was to allow an open and free system that provided any contributor identical admission.” – Amir Taaki
  27. “The non-believers become weak while the value shoots up. Inventing a new currency is simple, just about everyone can do it. The magic is persuading individuals to agree to it since it is their employing that currency which gives the “currency” it’s worth.” – Adam B. Levine
  28. “An intelligent money is the essence of bitcoin, created by innovative experts. Say bye to financial institutions like banks and bothersome fees on credit cards, transferring money, or currency exchanges. This is all a positive step in the right direction.” – Peter Diamandis
  29. “All the creation behind Bitcoin will be the progression and change of old school usage of the currency. Money will only prosper in the end.” – Edmund C. Moy
  30. “There are so much possibilities, … this will probably be the new billion-dollar field.” “Super, Silk Road truly works” – Charlie Shrem


Celebrities who have interests in Cryptocurrencies:

Gwyneth Paltrow – Abra is a bitcoin wallet startup, that in 2017, Gwyneth Paltrow became a consultant of whilst in a chapter in Planet of the Apps, an Apple series.

Mike Tyson – In annexation with Bitcoin Direct, Mike Tyson in 2016, started his Bitcoin wallet.

Snoop Dogg
-Twitter displayed Snoop Dogg’s tweet in 2013 that read:  “My upcoming record is going to be accessible through bitcoin and will arrive by drones.” In 2017, a gift of 1,500 SparkleCOINs valued at $55,000 was given to Snoop Dogg for his involvement in a football organization for children.

Ashton Kutcher – Along with the world-famous tycoon Mark Cuban, Ashton Kutcher invested in Unikrn, blockchain used for sports betting.

Jamie Foxx – Cobinhood is a cryptocurrency exchange app that Jamie Foxx backed in 2017 by post the below ontwitter:

 “Excited about contributing to the new @cobinhood Token! #CryptoCurrency #BitCoin ZERO fee trading! #ETH –”

Roseanne Barr – An original endorser of Bitcoin. She posted a tweet in 2013 saying: first post devastating law: oppression in any shape or manner is unlawful-plus liability slavery. #BITCOIN.

Mel B – A statement from Mel B, in 2013 declared that she will allow purchases of her new single through Bitcoin.

She said:

It’s wonderful and electrifying to me, the way advanced technology causes our lives to be smoother.  Globally, my fans are unified, as they all pay using Bitcoin.

Drew Carey – Previously texted:

 I was denied because I recently tried purchasing some breakfast using bitcoins. #whenwilltheworldunderstandmyhipness

Floyd Mayweather Jr. – “Using Ethereum bitcoins and other crypto cash in Beverley Hills” was his 2017 tweet and selfie.

Richard BransonAn article was printed claiming that Richard Branson financed cryptocurrency payments worth $30 million for a BitPay software.


Our conclusion

The results regarding our Bitcoin Trader program test reaffirms our backing of the allegations that said platform is 100% legal and will help amateur investors in producing seamless profits and increasing personal wealth. The assessed amount a new trader makes is between €200 to €1000 each week. But, remember that it rests on the amount that is invested and how much they continue to fund. Generating a substantial sum of money through this system is a high likelihood.

There were plenty of claims that we discovered indicating that the Bitcoin Trader platform is reputable and practical.This incredible program is attainable for users in over 150 countries.



What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a trading system that works automatically, designed to detect prospects in the cryptocurrency markets for anyone interested in trading.

Can you profit by investing in Bitcoin Trader? 

Countless traders are stating that they generated profits reaching €5,000, on a daily-bases. For this, investors need to fund large amounts of money. That’s why beginners with little experience should start investing with the smallest deposit like €250, and then increase from there.

How does this crypto trading program operate

It’s all about smart procedures that the application executes. The platform seeks out and examines incredible amounts of information for detecting cryptocurrency that is priced extremely low. The program buys the cryptocurrencies and turns around and sells them at an increased price.

Are mt personal details secure on Bitcoin Trader? 

It has been noted that the Bitcoin Trader system adopts the SSL license. In the internet world, this is a security procedure which hides private data within the site.

What is the cost to open an account?

Registration and/or activating a new account with Bitcoin Trader is absolutely free. 

Can Bitcoins be collected from the trading system after generating a profit?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done. The application the runs the trades alters your gains into your local money type, and then this gets deposited straight to your linked bank account.

Are there alternative crypto trading platforms? 

Yes. Many reliable and similar cryptocurrency programs for trading exist like Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Code, and Bitcoin Revolution, just to name a few.

Am I limited to how much profit I can produce?

No. With Bitcoins, the sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential.

Is Bitcoin Trader a fraudulent scheme?

No. It has been disclosed that Bitcoin Trader is a prized application. One that allows you to generate moneymaking cryptocurrency trades.

How much time do I need to devote to the system?

An assessment revealed that average traders devoted close to 20 minutes on a given day.

Which countries is Bitcoin trader available in?

Bitcoin Trader can be accessed in more than 100 regions with various multiple payment choices that fit your needs. Begin generating profits with your investment easily, literally from any location, providing Bitcoin Trader is lawful in your region.

Do you recommend investing all your money in Bitcoin Trader?

No. Only invest in money you can afford to forfeit or money you don’t need. This is because the cryptocurrency markets are so unpredictable and time-dependent. This leads to an increase in risk, but at the same time provides generous rewards. The best method is to begin using small deposits. Like with all investments, risks come with the package. That’s why the stop-loss feature protects traders from significant losses.

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