Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate?

Bitcoin continues to be a top-performing asset going on 10 years strong. The main method that users are earning profits with this cryptocurrency is through trading. Below is a review of Bitcoin Profit, 2020’s most favored trading technology.

Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit: What is it?

Bitcoin Profit is a trading program using cryptocurrency, which looks at market behaviors and signals for executing money-generating trades. Simply, purchasing and selling the cryptocurrency at the most opportune time, producing a 92% success rate.

This trading process utilizes various techniques to discover market shifts. Professional cryptocurrency traders use the ‘signals’ to construct trading tactics. A trader will decide the rules by which and when to sell or purchase the cryptocurrency and then the system performs those trades when those principles are met. This is all completed seamlessly on autopilot by the Bitcoin Profit software, a feature that is truly beneficial for amateurs.

The speed at which the system operates is estimated to be 0.01 seconds quicker than your market average when it comes to trading on signals, a reason so many users produce profits trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies daily.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate? 20

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How did Bitcoin Profit get started?

The company’s website reports that the architect involved in creating the Bitcoin Profit trading software goes by the name of John Mayers.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Work?

While Bitcoin Profit is regarded as an advanced software, the reality is that it is very clear-cut. Traders are provided with trading signals through the software, at no cost, including the buying and dealing of Bitcoins. The application allows traders to receive trading signals for free, and performs the purchase and selling of Bitcoin (commonly known as selling and buying orders.) Once a specific broker is chosen through the program, the trading operation is done automatically.

You pay nothing to use the trading software and there are no undisclosed fees.

Is Bitcoin Profit Lawful?

Yup, the Bitcoin Profit program is authorized and approved as a trading software. Bitcoin Profit is afunctional and automatic trading app allowing beginners the ability to generate revenue throughcryptocurrency trading. Despite its initial use for exclusively trading in Bitcoin, the trading programming has grown to accept other cryptocurrencies, in addition to forex.

With intelligent integration, the Bitcoin Profit system scans the crypto market to accurately detect fruitful buyand/or sell signals. Strategically it makes a purchase when the price is low and then sells at a higher fee, guaranteeing a trading method that produces earnings for its user. When tested, the system displayed a higher than 92% success rate, ranking it as the top trading app for trading cryptocurrency.

Traders are provided with the tools to examine and recognize the various occurrences and behaviors of the market, to form smarter trading choices, allowing for better assumptions on asset and price shifts. Not to mention, the pivotal signals that should be followed to aid in detecting the most rewarding trades.

Harnessing Bitcoin Profit puts an end to figuring out the markets since the whole process is automatic, executed by the system technology. Your sole responsibility is to sit back and relish in the revenue generated and to keep on producing additional profits.

Is it Newcomer Friendly?

After examining the program, we discovered that Bitcoin Profit is the ideal system for beginners in the trading world. The trading system utilizes its mathematically produced trading signals for executing trades. Because all trading and evaluation are automatically performed by the program, one need not have prior knowledge or experience with how the market works to produce earnings.

Due to these findings, it is obvious that Bitcoin Profit is a perfect trading program for both the beginner and veteran traders.  By use of the automatic performance, users are able to take it easy and revel in their profits, as the Bitcoin Profit does all the work. The best thing of all, the market environment or the level of volitivity of the prices doesn’t hinder the performance of Bitcoin Profit.

The trading program easily scans all markets for a complete breakdown, instantly and accurately. Therefore, traders can earn money while executing trades on cryptocurrency through Bitcoin Profit.

Official Bitcoin Profit Registration

Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate? 22

Register your Bitcoin Profit account through StartupEuropeMap and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

Earning Potential

With the emergence of this trading program to the world markets, many users have achieved financial triumph with the aid of Bitcoin Profit. The original users have generated millions by their first few months, and those who just started have already begun creating profits with cryptocurrency. Personal statements affirm that users do make money with the Bitcoin Profit system.

While examining the Bitcoin Profit system, we did not come across any errors or challenges. The program is straightforward and very user-friendly. How the algorithm of the system works is simple to grasp, allowing for quick testing of the features and performance.

As soon as trading options in the market are found, the system creates trading signals and the application moves forward with the execution of trades using the Bitcoin Profit software’s chosen brokers. Through our initial examination, we certify that Bitcoin Profit offers anyone the ideal opportunity to generate money in the cryptocurrency market.  Not to mention, activating a Bitcoin Profit account is at no cost, with no hidden service fees. All the information found at the Bitcoin Profit site is truthful and simple so you can get started quickly.

Our analysis demonstrates that the creators of Bitcoin Profit are constantly devoted to enhancing the trading program so that traders could generate higher market payouts. Bitcoin Profit is unending through its use of spreads (the contrast within the purchase and sell fee of the asset). Hence, traders command 100% of their earned profit with hassle-free withdrawals.

Activating an Account with Bitcoin Profit

To really feel how the system intricacies work, we activated a Bitcoin Profit account. The steps were completed in minutes and the account was ready to go. Below are the steps to activate an account:


To start, a Bitcoin Profit account must be opened. Just visit the Bitcoin Profit website and fill in the signup entry form completely, found at the homepage. Next, you will be required to fill in simple personal data for example:

  • Full name
  • Country of residence
  • Email address
  • Phone number.

From there you will generate a password, made of numbers, symbols, and letters, something hard for anyone to guess. It will aid in the prevention of hackers breaking into your account. One final step, select the button labeled ‘REGISTER NOW’ and in a snap, your personal account will be created. Shortly an email will be sent to the email address you provide confirming your new account with a link. Go over the email, click the validation link to be forwarded to the login page of the website. Let’s move on to the second part of the enrollment.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate? 24


Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate? 26

The second crucial part of enrollment is funding your new account. You will be provided with various depositing options which might include MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, MerchantPay, GiroPay, and other choices. You’ll then supply your credit card details once you’ve selected a payment form. We opened an account with the smallest amount of €250 to check what outcomes we would get. Keep in mind that opening an account with the minimum amount is strongly advised for newcomers. This way they familiarize themselves with the system and avoid large losses from their lack of experience of poor choices in trades.

Demo Trading

Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate? 28

The creators of Bitcoin Profit also developed demo accounts for any user. This is a powerful push for the following reasons. For starters it allows beginners the opportunity to get familiar with the software before real money is involved. Secondly, you can try out different trading methods and sharpen the one that best suits your style. If you find a method not working well, you can simply alter it. Use your strongest strategy when you decide to use real money for trading. We tested the demo account and were extremely happy by the outcomes. It was fast and had unlimited range of features that were all available to the user. Definitely give the demo account a test drive before diving in with a live trading account.

Live trading

Bitcoin Profit Review: Is it fraud or is it legitimate? 30

Finally, let’s go over the live trading mode. Once you feel you know the ins and outs of the system through the demo account, you can make the switch to a live trading mode. After you log into the live platform, you should initiate the trading technology system. That will allow you to configure the trading restrictions, which monitors data for example; the sum you select for trades, restrictions on stop-loss and take-profit, and much more. This data will be available to you found within the auto trade tab located on the dashboard.

Our examination didn’t stop there, we continued on to choosing our favorite trading currency pairs. There were the usual favorite pairs such as LTC/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, plus many others. With an intelligent trading system design, it was simple to navigate this entire procedure. Any important data was right before your eyes. At any time, a user needs assistance with inquiries, there is a help button connecting them to a customer support specialist.

Crucial Features on Bitcoin Profit:


The payout process is very straightforward and simple to comprehend on the Bitcoin Profit system. You will find no hidden fees or costs on the Bitcoin Profit platform.  At the end of any live trading, any gains or profits accrued get credited straight into the account balance of the trader. Whenever needed, these funds can be withdrawn. Throughout our inspections, it was evident that the platform was technologically error-free. Supporting this finding are testimonials provided by users, stating that they were withdrawing sums like €1,500 daily, using the payout process effortlessly with no misfortunes.

Verification System

The verification system was also given a thorough check during our examination. This is a fabulous element, which aids in confirming information like a user’s phone number and email address so that any profits or communications sent out, go to the true account holder. During the whole account creation, the verification system worked like a charm.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Regardless of the countless platforms we examined, the withdrawals on Bitcoin Profit was quick. We were able to get a request for withdrawal handled in under 24-hours. This perk is a great benefit for any user.


The Bitcoin Profit trading platform is very transparent, a percentage is charged for any profit that is made. There is also a minimal fee for any profits produced. There is no cost to open an account or to execute any withdrawals.

Feedback system

This area displays comments and statements made by pleased users earning every day through Bitcoin Profit. You will find our positive feedback as well regarding our trading experience.

Customer Support

Included with Bitcoin Profit, is a 24/7 customer support medium designed by the development team. A feature that is a must, especially with investors using Bitcoin Profit globally, there is always a representative from customer support ready to assist. We gave the support a try and we were answered in under two minutes. Talk about great customer service.


Bitcoin Profit is in alliance with qualified and experienced brokers whose obligation is to track the trading program and guarantee that the application is generating profits for traders daily. You can call this your twofold declaration.

Bitcoin Profit vs Other Crypto Trading Technology Programs:

Bitcoin Profit:

  • Bitcoin Profit possesses a top success rate of more than 92%; which shows that any user couldgenerate daily earnings.
  • Quick withdrawals, a luxury for all users, as the withdrawal request steps handled under 24-hours.
  • Easy account activation process, no requirement for intricate specifics.
    Demo trade session.
  • Numerous payment possibilities on Bitcoin Profit- Superb customer support.

Other trading technology systems:

  • It’s complicated to figure out the success results due to systems being vague and unclear.
  • Tiresome withdrawal procedure that can last for a week.
  • Weak customer assistance.
  • Low clarity, it is hard to find the fees and what the required costs are for with other trading systems.
  • Poor win score, evident because of statements made by users who sampled other systems.

How to Generate More through Bitcoin Profit

As we were examining the Bitcoin Profit automatic trading, we noticed specific methods that traders could use to create more profit through the program. Below is our advice:

  • Begin with the smallest deposit: To begin, it is beneficial to participate starting with the smallestdeposit allowed on Bitcoin Profit, in this case €250.
  • Withdraw your profits: Another helpful strategy is to regularly withdraw your earnings, that way theprogram can’t trade using your entire balance. Simply withdraw and amass that profit, and then invest again a small portion of it.
  • Track market shifts: Always keep up-to-date with the markets by reading up on the currency you are trading. This will guide you for configuring your stop-loss position as you will be aware of increased earning options in the various markets.
  • Invest cautiously: Be smart, invest with funds you are not concerned about losing. Never borrow money for investing and trading in any market.

Benefits of utilizing Bitcoin Profit

Upon examining every feature within Bitcoin Profit, one can positively validate the system’s reliability, plus that it’s no fraud. Below are the main advantages when operating Bitcoin Profit:

  • Bitcoin Profit is simple to use. Anybody could operate the system trouble-free. The only thing you need is to activate an account and to fund it. The design of the software allows everyone to steer and make your way around, and all the features run effortlessly.
  • High win score. Any user could generate gains following their initial live trading involvement. Everybody could earn too. The success rate is higher than 92%.
  • Demo test-run. The system’s demo tryout can be applied by anybody for examining the program prior to funding actual money. The demo contours are a replica of the actual program made to execute realtrades. It displays in what way the trading program completes trades plus how market signals getobserved. This demo option could additionally be applied to virtual funds for determining the significant win rate of the trading technology application.
  • 24/7 Customer support. This is vital; the customer support crew are continuously prepared to assist. The victors in any cryptocurrency market are traders that can execute fast trades to gain thepreference of any market. Through the helpdesk support team, users can swiftly rectify problemsallowing their personal Bitcoin Profit account to remain active. Thus, no profit-generating opportunities are missed.

What about a mobile app for Bitcoin Profit?

Presently, Bitcoin Profit doesn’t have a mobile app. We validate that the Bitcoin Profit platform is accessibleper a browser on the below devices:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Mobile phones

Has Bitcoin Profit been presented on TV?

There were many claims that Bitcoin Profit has shown up on TV programs like Shark Tank, This Morning,and Dragon’s Den. There is no real proof of such reports and until then, we are treating them as rumors.

We researched all the claims for which TV programs Bitcoin Profit was displayed on, here is our list:

Was Bitcoin Profit ever featured on Dragon’s Den?

Dragon’s Den is a well-known British TV program that offers three minutes to budding business individualsto present their business conception/plan to a board of prospering tycoons to obtain an investor. Dragon’s Den has many viewers, thus any merchandise displayed or connected to the show can produce instantsuccess. We can’t prove that Bitcoin Profit has ever been featured on Dragon’s Den at this time.

Has Bitcoin Profit ever been shown on Shark Tank?

The American investment program Shark Tank is much like Dragon’s Den. Hopeful entrepreneurs are provided a minute or two, to introduce their invention in front of six millionaires interested in funding the “next big idea.” We can’t validate any connection between Bitcoin Profit and Shark Tank, regardless, if said rumors were found to be true, the news would be full of Bitcoin Profit. One essential reminder is that Bitcoin Profit not for use in the united states.

Has Bitcoin Profit ever been shown on This Morning?

The British television show This Morning on ITV has been around since 1988. The program includes topicaltalk, celebrity discussions, competitions, show business reports, health, etc. Millions of British viewers would be affected if Bitcoin Profit was to be displayed on the program, not to mention, news and social media would be overwhelmed with inquiries and hashtags regarding the product.

Has Bitcoin Profit ever been backed by celebrities?

There are many claims that Bitcoin Profit was recommended by worldwide celebrities. We went ahead andlooked into each affair claiming a public figure was connected to any crypto trading software or Bitcoin Profit.

Does Gordon Ramsay Back Bitcoin Profit?

Gordon Ramsay is regarded as a world-famous chef. A Multi-Michelin starred British culinarian, writer, restaurateur, and television star that has an enormous brand, which means his backing could give any bandauthority. We searched channels like YouTube and the internet in hopes to locate his endorsement of Bitcoin Profit but had no luck. This leads us to say that these rumors are not true.

Does Peter Jones Endorse Bitcoin Profit?

Peter Jones, a well-known British businessman and TV star on the famous investment program Dragon’s Den also including American Inventor, an American television program. It is said that his net worth is about$500 million, which means his financial status as an endorser for an investment creation could lead to a vast amount of people to also invest in the product. We tried to find and a case of Peter Jones supporting Bitcoin Profit, but alas we found nothing.

Does Elon Musk Support Bitcoin Profit?

Elon Musk a peculiar billionaire possessing three citizenships, Canadian, American, and South African. He is best known for his leadership role in SpaceX and Tesla. It is well known that his Twitter activity can influence the markets, so if he were to back Bitcoin Profit, it would make global headlines. Not to mention Bitcoin websites wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic. No evidence was found of Elon Musk dealing with Bitcoin Profit which leaves such claims to be labeled as rumors.

Does Trevor Noah Recommend Bitcoin Profit?

The South African, Trevor Noah, is a political commentator, comedian, actor, and the moderator for The Daily Show, a renowned American chat show. It has been speculated that Bitcoin Profit was being used by Trevor Noah because of particular messages that surfaced on the internet, about Trevor becoming wealthy due to Bitcoins. The truth is that his level of wealth is from his hard work as a comedian and his connection to The Daily Show. No one knows if Trevor Noah invests in bitcoin. With that, we can safely say that it has not been verified that Trevor Noah uses Bitcoin Profit.

Does Kate Winslet use Bitcoin Profit?

Kate Winslet is a popular British actress best known for her role as Rose in the Titanic and many other films. Recently, there has been an escalation of people searching to find evidence of Kate Winslet supporting cryptocurrency trading systems. We searched and found no evidence at all.

Holly Willoughby and Bitcoin Profit?

Holly Marie Willoughby a British model, writer, and the TV host of Dancing on Ice and This Morning. Similar to all the celebrities listed here, allegations were made stating that she endorses trading programs with advanced crypto, yet proof has yet to be found to back them up.

Does Patrice Motsepe Use Bitcoin Profit?

Amassing a net worth exceeding 1.6 billion, Patrice Motsepe is regarded as one of the wealthiest South Africans. His wealth is the product of his love of mining, as he holds the position of executive chairman and founder of African Rainbow Minerals. The business boasts interests in base metals, platinum, gold, and ferrous metals. All his fortune has been the product of his business with no connection to Bitcoin Profit or Bitcoins.

Does Aliko Dangote Use Bitcoin Profit?

The wealthiest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, a Nigerian billionaire with a net worth over $8.5 billion, is the chairman and creator of industrial group Dangote Group. Because he is the richest man, fame and a large following come with the package. People want to connect brands with the wealthy, particularly if the product helps make people money. Africans will rush to invest in the Bitcoin when they see the richest man in Africa doing so, just so that they could get a hint of his lifestyle. Sadly, no proof has been found linking Aliko Dangote to Bitcoin Profit or to investing in bitcoin.

While not one celebrity backing was verified, it’s imperative to keep in mind that no claim was formed by the developers of Bitcoin Profit. Celebrity and public figure names were used by affiliate marketers to lure users in. Button line is that the Bitcoin Profit app stands behind its words.

What celebrities really say about bitcoin

The rank as the number one producing asset class this past decade has captivated the curiosity of the wealthy like entrepreneurs and public figures alike. Today the method of how we use and think of money has been altered. See what celebrities are saying about cryptocurrencies and the Bitcoin:

1. “There exists 3 periods of money: politically conditioned, Commodity dependent, and today, math influenced.” – Chris Dixon (Co-founder of Hunch currently run by Ebay, Co-founder of SiteAdvisor today runby McAfee)

2. “Complete grouping of bugs are gone.” – Dan Kaminsky (Security Penetration Professional for Cisco and Avaya)

3. “It’s currency 2.0, an enormous significance.” – Chamath Palihapitiya (Former head of AOL instant messenger)

4. “Bitcoin is unstoppable. It will be all over the place and people will need to adapt to it. Global governments will also be obliged to change.” – John McAfee

5. “Bitcoin will never go away. A hacker disturbance would ensue to anyone who tried to take recognition for the licensing of cryptocurrency. And I’d hate to be the one answering to hacker anger.” – Adam Draper

6. “The failure of Mt. Gox has one positive result and it’s the preparedness of a new batch of Bitcoin organizations to collaborate to guarantee the destiny of Bitcoin along with the safety of client funds.” – Brian Armstrong (CEO of Coinbase)

7. “Bitcoin looks like a truly promising concept. I favor the concept of rooting safety on the belief such that the CPU number of sincere contributors outweighs that sum of the attacker. This is an awful contemporarymindset that leverages the number of the long tail.” – Hal Finney

8. “Bitcoin can offer exclusive uses. I feel it provides options as no other currency can. For instance, the means to use a coin that only takes place if two separate individuals concur to spend such coin; along with a third entity that is unable to disappear with such coin.” – Pieter Wuille

9. “Getting involved in Bitcoin is an obvious choice, giving the unusual times we are at now. However, if you still choose to debate whether or not this is factual. Just think, today over 40 million displaced individuals in Pensacola could be fed by one Bitcoin. Still need proof of Bitcoin’s power, hand the coins over. Let me cash them in and I’ll take care of millions of homeless people.” – Jason King

10. “Blockchain is the right technology. Bitcoin is purely the primary mainstream demonstration of its future.” – Marc Kenigsberg

11. “Bitcoin was designed to fulfill a distinctly political drive, a free and unbroken structure in which anyonecan take part in with uniform access.” – Amir Taaki

12. “All those doubters change their minds, and heads turn when they see its value sky-rocket. Coming up with a new currency is no problem, the hard part is inspiring people to love it and use it. As people use it, the value goes up.”– Adam B. Levine

13. “I love that this does away with transferring money costs, credit card fees, banks, currency exchange charges, not to mention, say bye to lawyer interventions…who wouldn’t give a thumbs up… way to go bitcoin engineers”. – Peter Diamandis

14. “This Bitcoin and its core concept is a game-changer for the old-style ideas and use of currency. Our currency will only benefit from this.” – Edmund C. Moy

15. “I am expecting this to become a million-dollar business…it has amazing possibilities.” “Incredible”, – Charlie Shrem


·       Is there a high success rate with Bitcoin Profit?

Yes, we can attest this from a personal test trying out this trading technology system. Our computationsshowed an elevated win rate exceeding 92% for every trade.

·       Was Bitcoin Profit ever approved by a celebrity?

Having gone over the declarations, we found that currently there is no public figure certification of the Bitcoin Profit on record.

·       If I have a crypto wallet can I withdraw bitcoins to it from my Bitcoin Profit account?

We are sorry but this service is unavailable. Despite being a program that trades bitcoins, all payouts and deposits are executed using actual currency. This way you earn real money peacefully with no need for trading experience on bitcoins.

·       Is Bitcoin Profit connected with another automatic cryptocurrency trading system?

No, Bitcoin Profit is a platform on its own, with no association with other platforms that do trading. Yes, there might be platforms with like names, because so many platforms choose to use Bitcoins. This is because it’s regarded as the most prized and popular cryptocurrency found. Keep in mind to always confirm that you are on the true Bitcoin Profit site prior to registering.

·       What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are a digital or virtual currency that can be traded and handled within a circulated system known asBlockchain that can decrease the likelihood with risks of being online. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It is extracted by 1000s of miners globally to which guarantees that dealings made withBitcoin are fast and safe.

·       Does one need to meet any specific requirements prior to using Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is an open system available to the public. Users are not required to possess any cryptocurrency trading experience or credentials before they open accounts with Bitcoin Profit.  The program has been examined and it has proved to be error-free and dependable. Anyone can take part in Bitcoin Profit once an account has been funded. The program processes all the trades to generates money, and the private account of the user is credited.

Bitcoin Profit Review: Our Conclusion

It is very obvious what the earning likelihood is with the cryptocurrency market. Yet, many have no clue how to begin profiting, which is why the Bitcoin Profit system was created. The review was conducted because of the skepticism and concerns of the reliability of the software and its perks. Having examined and thoroughly tested Bitcoin Profit, it is safe to say that trading on Bitcoin with Bitcoin Profit you can earn high income easily and painlessly.

Even with many traders encountering losses or unsuccessful trades with trading programs, most of the time it is due to the lack of experience or knowledge of how the trading system operates. Thus, it is crucial that beginners who want to start trading, register with platforms like Bitcoin Profit because of its demo account, tutorials, and it’s being a reliable technology that assures users higher production of profits.

From our individual experience and trading results, we endorse Bitcoin Profit for users interested in trading. The system delivers anyone who uses it the chance to make money easily, no matter if they had previous experience. You just fund your account and the program will do the rest.

Go ahead, give it a test drive, dive into the world of Bitcoin trading, we are sure to find your testimonial on the site’s homepage within days of using the system.

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