Bitcoin Evolution: Is it Legit or is it a Scam?

With so many cryptocurrency choices, Bitcoin continues to be the most popular for use, concurrently Bitcoin Evolution acclaim is rising globally at a steady pace. This due to a lot of investors stating that they generate 1000s of dollars daily through the system.
With this news, we decided to delve into the Bitcoin Evolution application and see what it has to offer for anyone seeking a steady income or just to become rich quickly. 
This feedback was created to instruct, interested new investors regarding the benefits and the potentials, including by which the trading program works. 
Bitcoin Evolution
Bitcoin Evolution

Getting to know Bitcoin and Bitcoin Evolution

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, unlike your typical currency, is a decentralized currency. It can be used to buy necessities and also be traded. Bitcoin is used as an electronic method of purchasing things. The most revolutionary aspect of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is that no banks or any financial establishment regulating this currency. There is no financial establishment that controls the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Payments between traders or users are direct and with no middle man or entity keeping tabs. This is not a currency that is printed, but rather it is being created through a computer’s software located globally, which brought upon the Bitcoin Evolution:

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

Bitcoin Evolution is used as a means to trade many cryptocurrencies on the market, specifically bitcoins. It is a systematic trading program that executes, smart algorithms enabling you the trader to generate high profits. This specific systematic trading application is recognized as the quickest, most reliable, precise, and approved trading software for Bitcoin. The two main benefits of the trading program are that it decreases processing time and that it is intelligible. Something that used to take hours to perform manually, is cut to down to minutes, providing a great win rate. 
Bitcoin Evolution’s software alleges that it scans thoroughly all the cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges to locate the top opportunities for the trader. In-fact the user needs virtually no knowledge of or experience in trading to begin. This claim is still pending validation. As a precaution, we highly suggest that everyone do their homework and read up on bitcoin and completely review this article prior to activating an account and trading on Bitcoin Evolution.  
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Table of Contents

How does Bitcoin Evolution work?

The first benefit of using the Bitcoin Evolution software, is that it is absolutely free for anyone. Please note that the creators of the program, earn greater according to the number of trades and not by the number of enrollments. The main obligation of the trader is to provide a deposit that is done by the means of an assigned broker who is linked to the software.

The entire procedure takes up to 20 minutes. What the investor needs to do is the following: 

• Open an account.
• Make the introductory deposit with a broker chosen from a presented list. 
• Select the conditions and start trading.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a trick or legit?

It is commonly accepted that some risks come with any investment. Same goes for the cryptocurrency market, as the instability tends to be high when trading in currencies including Bitcoins. Thus, it is safe to say that you are not investing in any fraudulent activity. In actuality, massive profits are continuously being achieved daily and even weekly by bitcoin investors. Many figures can show that Bitcoin can yield more than 20% market share within an hour. 
The central objective found in most cryptocurrency traders is to produce higher gains with each new trading round. The risk rises as the volatility of the cryptocurrency market rises, which equals higher profits. And like all risks, they can be reduced by the right actions and approach. 
Not more than a few years ago, in 2017, the $20,000 status was almost exceeded by Bitcoin. Bitcoin Evolution has brought many bitcoin investors significant capital. The new trader will depend on the trading program to execute the trades, and reports show that the success rate is as high as 88%. Keep in mind that all this relies on the instability of the market.  
At the same time that Bitcoin Evolution has proven to be reliable, we do, however, recommend that users test out the software with the demo account before investing with real money.

Can profits be generated through Bitcoin Evolution?

If you visit the website, you’ll come across many claims of success. A lot of traders claim positive results after giving they traded, significantly the ones new to trading by using the automated system.  While there are risks with the shifting cryptocurrency market, at the same time, there are numerous reports of success.

Some supportive suggestions for the new investors

If you want to reduce the consequences of draining funds, go by the below tips when activating an account: 
• Begin small- the initial investment needs to be at the most €250. This deposit is sufficient for testing if the software is reliable for generating money while continuously studying how the system works. 
• Reinvest- additional profits can be generated by reinvesting some of the wins that were withdrawn. In a way, your money works for you creating more money. 
• Follow the professionals- read studies or directions like this particular one to help with your grasping of the program. A simple understanding might not be sufficient as cryptocurrencies can turn into something complicated. A cautious investment is superior to a reckless one.

Leading components of the Bitcoin Evolution

Entree into the mechanical program is granted to all recorded users. This inspires additional traders to employ the trading application and in exchange, the creators produce profits due to the increased numbers of trades. 

Below are select main features of Bitcoin Evolution: 

Brokers– Once signed up, traders can select from a list of experienced brokers to help with trading. 
Auto trade feature– Bitcoin Evolution is equipped with the auto trade feature, that enables the automated program to execute transactions. The new investor could set certain parameters for defining the number of trades the system will perform.  In view of the unpredictability of any cryptocurrency market, we advise possible investors to choose trade options established on the present market. 
Performing trade-. No payment is necessary to open an account. Your sole transaction is your first investment.
Payouts– This is contingent on the trading skill any investor possesses within the cryptocurrency market. Reports show that greater yields are produced through Bitcoin Evolution. 
Verification processes: It is obligatory that each possible trader follow a verification procedure that guarantees an effective registration. It is an easy procedure, assuming that the valid contact and email address provided were correct. 
• Withdrawals and deposits– Once a request for withdrawal was done, the application handles the request. The sum owed to the trader will be indicated no more than 24 hours after handling the appeal. For investors who need the funds quickly, it is a great benefit.  
Payment methods– Deposits can be performed through various types of methods. 
Cost and fees– There exist no hidden costs or fees towards the account prior to or after a withdrawal, per a report.
Customer services– Accessible to any trader is a customer support option, 24hours nonstop. The correspondence can be done via an online chat system, email, or by phone.

Official Bitcoin Evolution Registration

Bitcoin Evolution Logo

Register your Bitcoin Evolution account through StartupEuropeMap and receive a FREE Personal Account Manager to walk you through your account setup process.

Perks when trading through Bitcoin Evolution

Per our research, Bitcoin Evolution has revealed that it offers special features. Other numerous programs that do crypto trading, lack these critical elements, including, offering small payment solutions plus having no possible demo account. 

The 6 benefits when trading through Bitcoin Evolution: 

• Hassle-free configuration– Bitcoin Evolution’s interaction and special algorithm provide a virtually painless account setup experience. 
• Remarkable success rate– There are claims that investors can reach a win rate reaching 88%, contingent on the type of trade.
• Demo account– Like the saying goes practice makes perfect, this is where the demo account comes in handy. Through demo accounts, traders can practice and become familiarized with the program’s operation without having to use real money. Demo accounts can be used unlimitedly. 
• User-friendly– While the application is very intricate, the advanced algorithm executes highly significant operations, through a friendly and easy interface.
• Has an App – An app exists but it is not for use in every region.
• Trade forex – With this app you can also trade on forex pairs aside from the cryptocurrencies.

Making the initial trade with Bitcoin Evolution

Below is a detailed guideline for activating an account: 

1. Registration

Begin by visiting the Bitcoin Evolution site, where you will have the opportunity to open an account. All you need is to fill in simple details like your email address, phone number, and name. You will need to come up with a password for protecting your account. When you complete the registration, you will have access to the list of reputable brokers to work with. 

2. Demo account

A demo account has no time limit as we mentioned earlier in this review. All you do is select the choice for a demo account, and then you can explore the application through a tour and get to know the features. A bonus as reported is that the demo account app credits you €1, 500 for starting to test how trades work. Included is the auto-trade function that does all the work automatically, with no stress to you. 

3. Live accounts

At the point that your account is live, you enter the trading room. This is the point where you decide and tell the Bitcoin Evolution program in what manner you will be trading cryptocurrencies or bitcoins. Below is a short explanation of a few of the aspects available: 
• Control Panel- This is where your portfolio and any settings regarding it are displayed. Nothing is unchangeable, you can always tweak and alter the settings. 
• Trading history- Like the name, here you can recall and see all past transactions or trades, and see what worked or didn’t. 
• Open transactions- Here you can view in real-time the operations dashboard. This enables you to assess how effective the trading software is and how well the trades were executed. 
• Go live account- Switch back and forth between your demo account and a live account seamlessly. 

4. Deposit

If you feel you are ready for a real account having explored the system through a demo account, all that is required is a first deposit, and to switch on the auto-trading feature to start trading. Keep in mind, you should always begin with the smallest investment accepted. For payment options, the system welcomes American Express, Discover Network, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. 

Bitcoin Evolution vs. Other Trading Applications

Bitcoin Evolution 

Bitcoin Evolution provides its users with a demo account for free. This way inexperienced trades learn the way the program works before investing or using real amounts.
It is reported that the win rate with Bitcoin Evolution is 88% or higher. 
€250 is the accepted smallest deposit amount one can use.
Hassle-free signup procedure.

Other Crypto Applications

Similar trading apps provide no demo account and you must start trading with real money no matter your skill level.
Comparable trading software and riddled with failing trades, negative reviews, and are generally scams.
Other trading programs for crypto don’t have a minimal first deposit and force you to invest a large amount.
Some trading platforms are not easy to work with and the registration process is lengthy.
Other platforms run an extremely slow transactional program, that prohibits multiple trades.

Was Bitcoin Evolution ever featured on TV?

There are many claims that Bitcoin Evolution was shown on TV shows like Shark Tank, Dragon’s Den, and This Morning. These accusations are rumors because we are lacking definite evidence for confirmation. 

We checked into each claim regarding the TV programs Bitcoin Evolution was displayed on. These are our findings:

Was Bitcoin Evolution ever shown on Shark Tank?
On the American investment show (resembling Dragon’s Den), Shark Tank, hopeful future business individuals have minutes to present an idea to the group of 6 millionaire moguls, aspiring to get one to invest in their product. Because Bitcoin Evolution was not splashed all over the news media, then it is safe to say it was not on Shark Tank. Plus, Bitcoin Evolution is not licensed for the US.
Was Bitcoin Evolution ever featured on Dragons Den?
Dragon’s Den, the British show that offers 3 minutes for aspiring business individuals to deliver their idea/creation to a board made of tycoons hoping that one would invest to help kick-off their idea for impressive success. It goes with no mention that there would be an instant success if Bitcoin Evolution was ever connected with the show. As for now, no link was discovered between the two.
Was Bitcoin Evolution ever presented on This Morning?
This Morning, the British show debuted in 1988, with a variation of entertainment, like, health, topical conversation, face-offs, program business news, celebrity chats, etc. Countless British people could be influenced as social media and the news would be overwhelmed by reports and texts, should Bitcoin Evolution get presented on This Morning.

Has Bitcoin Evolution been endorsed by celebrities?

Are international celebrities supporting Bitcoin Evolution, like all the numerous allegations are saying? We opted to look into each allegation where a celebrity was connected to Bitcoin Evolution or any one of the many cryptocurrencies.
Does Gordon Ramsay Support Bitcoin Evolution?
Another celebrity having been assumed to have endorsed this product, goes by the name Gordon Ramsay. He is globally recognized for his Multi-Michelin British chef ratings, a restaurateur, a television host, a writer with a household name under his belt. His support would boost any product giving it high trustworthiness.  After probing the internet through many channels, nothing could be found. 
Does Peter Jones Endorse Bitcoin Evolution?
Peter Jones the famous British TV star from Dragon’s Den and the American program American Investor, not to mention a successful businessman, is presumed to be worth up to $500 million. With this kind of net worth, his backing of any investment idea could quickly bring a lot of people to invest in that product as well. We gave it shot to find any occurrence of his backing Bitcoin Evolution, but we found no trace and no hint.
Does Elon Musk Endorse Bitcoin Evolution?
Who else goes by three nationalities (American, Canadian, and South African) other than the world-famous billionaire Elon Musk? When you think of Tesla and SpaceX you think of Elon Musk. He is so powerful his personal Tweets, shake up, and stir the markets. With this in mind, it is obvious that his support of Bitcoin Evolution would flood the news media and the world wide web. Nothing could be found that linked Elon Musk to Bitcoin Evolution, so here once again, those claims are false. 
Does Trevor Noah Recommend Bitcoin Evolution?
Many advertisements have been displayed throughout the internet, assuming that the wealth generated by Trevor Noah, the S. African comic, actor, presenter of The Daily Show, and political critic is from his Bitcoin trading. The real reason Trevor is successful is because of his stand-up gig. The truth behind his investing in bitcoin is unknown. Thus, Trevor’s linkage to Bitcoin Evolution is regarded as a rumor.
Does Kate Winslet use Bitcoin Evolution?
The British superstar Kate Winslet from the blockbuster Titanic has created a sudden rise in website searches of her endorsement of forward-thinking cryptocurrency trading. After conducting a thorough search, we found no signs connecting her to the trading app.
Holly Willoughby and Bitcoin Evolution?
The British, TV host of Dancing on Ice, author, and model Holly Marie Willoughby, similar to most of the celebrities here, been rumored to be a backer of enhanced cryptocurrency trading, however, no confirming evidence has been found yet.
While not a single claim was found to be true, there is a list of celebs that have either supported or have themselves invested in cryptocurrencies. With that said, please in mind that the above accusations were not constructed by any developer of the Bitcoin Evolution.

Celebrity thoughts on crypto and involvement with cryptocurrency projects: 

Erick Schmidt (Google CEO)
“The skill to design something which cannot be copied in the virtual realm presents great worth, which makes Bitcoin such an incredible accomplishment.” 
Bill Gates
“One the greatest technical achievement is Bitcoin.” 
Tyler Winklevoss (Co-inventor of Facebook)
“We chose to place our finances and belief in a mathematical structure that is devoid of mishandling or government policies.” 
Richard Branson
“Bitcoin is motivating and empowering a currency revolution, just like Virgin Galactic is proving to be a new daring business technology.” 
Richard Branson allegedly possess $30 million financed in BitPay.
David Marcus (CEO of Paypal)
 “I possess Bitcoins, and I truly like them with their accumulation of worth and circulated record. It is a very smart asset to invest in. Just look at Argentina’s inflation, reaching 40%. For example, in Argentina, a dollar is equal to 60 cents a year, not to mention the political currency is worthless. Bitcoins are a solid investment channel if you love risk. As long as the instability continues, Bitcoins will not become a currency.” 
Mel B
“I love the way advanced technology easies our lives because for me it’s thrilling,” mentioned the artist, regarding allowing crypto payments from her fans. “Bitcoin globally brings together my fans when they use one currency.”
Mark Zuckerberg
“The technology driving bitcoin can in the future aid in advancing Facebook.” 
Elon Musk
“My view on the bitcoin is it’s a positive thing. I estimate, that it is mainly a method of processing unlawful dealings which is not negative as a whole, perhaps not everything has t be illegal. This thing is good for illegal and legal transactions.”
Kanye West
 “When I came across Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, I knew I wanted to get into Bitcoins.”  
Ashton Kutcher
“I believe bitcoins are undoubtedly turning into something more pertinent.”
Ashton Kutcher a long-time supporter for Bitcoin plus an investor linked to sports gaming blockchain, Unikrn
William Shatner
A participant linked to Solar Alliance, a firm in Vancouver that runs a bitcoin mining farm which is powered by is solar energy.
Michelle Pan
“This is the reason decentralization, crypto, and bitcoin is the future wave. It’s the biggest and most crucial progress on the internet.”
Mike Tyson
“Individuals do not truly comprehend money that is established through numerical calculations. I even now don’t, however, I’m thankful to be involved in this change and I desire that my contribution to this trade will produce discussions and build familiarity and mindfulness.”
In 2015, Tyson established his unique line of bitcoin ATMs, located in Las Vegas.
Russel Okung
“When I think of Bitcoin, I think of the renaissance. It’s a great emergence or clarification, and it’s exactly what we want to harness.”
50 cent
An album titled ‘holding it and forgetting about it’ was retailed for cryptocurrency.
Nas (Nasir Jones)
“[Bitcoin] is certain to advance into a trade as large, if not greater, than what we know is the internet. A friend of mine, Ben Horowitz, helped me realize this. Bitcoin is not in the era of the internet. It’s got its unique era.”
Gwyneth Paltrow
Amidst a chapter of the Apple series, Planet of the Apps, she became involved as an advisor for the Bitcoin virtual wallet Abra.
Snoop Dogg
“My upcoming drone delivered album will be accessible in bitcoin.”
For a charitable gift towards a youth football organization, in 2017, Snoop Dogg was awarded 1,500 SparkCOINS valued close to $55,500 from said company. 
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
“Thru ought Beverly Hills shopping, with my cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin.”
Luis Suarez
“construct the top foreseeing market within the world collected.”
Donald Glover
“I understand that many people are suspicious, but I sense that everything will reside online, so why not said bitcoins? If you ask me, it’s so old-fashion to be supported by gold. Being supported by bitcoin, by something that demands time to develop, plus its unavoidable equation to create, all this feels truer and more logical to me.”
Joe Rogan
“To be frank, I’m extremely amazed by the concept, yet, I haven’t considered it completely. I am keeping my eye on it from the sidelines, checking to see if it succeeds. If this thing works, I think it will disrupt the world’s economy.”
Mark Cuban
“Because it can reach $15,000, $0, or both within the same day, to me it’s a gamble.”
The Game
“The Game partnered with Paragon CEO, Jessica Versteeg to push the use of cryptocurrency within the cannabis business.”
Dennis Cole 
“I believe that whatever places cryptocurrencies before the common person is a wonderful feat for any market.” 
Dennis Coles proclaimed his dealings with the cryptocurrency realm while he was the co-founder of Cream Capital, an organization striving to develop a blockchain ATM system to enable people to use Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Jamie Foxx 
Jamie Foxx hopped on to the cryptocurrency movement at the time he was endorsing Cobinhood’s (a no-cost trading exchange for cryptocurrency) token sale.
Bitcoin “will alter the world from a cash transactional perspective aside for Africa, but all over.”
Roseanne Barr 
“let’s truly grasp #bitcoin it could be superior to doing away with our federal reserve, plus a quicker method of ceasing satanic ceremonial control.”
Richard Sherman 
Richard Sherman posted on Facebook, that he will begin welcoming purchases in bitcoins within his online store, and he would call it “the future’s money.”
Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson
“Touching on the idea of @Bitcoin with a buddy. Can anyone demonstrate for me how simple this is?”
Johnny Depp 
The star joined TaTaTu blockchain in late 2018, In the fall of 2018, including agreements in film-making.
Drew Carey 
Posted in Twitter; “I just attempted to purchase breakfast using bitcoins. Denied. #atwhatpointwilltheworldrealizemyhipness”
Al Gore
“I feel, that inside the bitcoin world a program takes the place of replaces the operations of [the government] … is essentially really big. I’m a huge follower of Bitcoin.”
Lothar Matthaus
“I am thrilled to be an ambassador for Token Stars Football, and I am anticipating the latest Ronaldos and Maradonas”
Lothar Matthaus became the Football Ambassador, due to his claiming, by decentralizing skill hunting Token Stars makes it possible that we will witness young and fresh Ronaldos and Maradonas very soon.
Gianluca Zambrotta
Not only is he an absorbed football coach in China, but he is also the Token Stars Football Ambassador in the crypto industry.
A devoted coder for Ethereum, Redfoo, gave may personal belongings to the Token Stars holiday crypto auction because he is a huge believer in the blockchain system. 
Roger Ver
He is active in multiple projects, like Ripple, Bitpay, Bitcoin Cash, Kraken,, and Coinsetter. For the Crypto Charity Auction of Token Stars, Roger contributed his T-shirt.
Tommy Haas
 Not long ago assumed the role of Tennis Ambassador for Token Stars

Our conclusions

After testing and analyzing the platform, we completely back Bitcoin Evolution and add that without a doubt, the program is very trustworthy, resourceful, and the chances of making large profits are a sure thing. Validating these views are none other than real statements made by actual traders of Bitcoin Evolution.  Aside from that, we discovered that the platform is truly enhanced and easy to work. Activating an account takes a few minutes and handling transactions is painless.
The other bonus is the security level, so users know their personal data is very safe.  With that said, we verify that the likelihood of generating profits through Bitcoin Evolution is great.


Is Bitcoin Evolution legit or scam?

Based on numerous claims and reviews, Bitcoin Evolution is legal and not a method to swindle. There are a lot of statements and testimonials of traders generating real profits after trying out Bitcoin Evolution.

Can I make money through Bitcoin Evolution? 

A vast number of investors are alleging that they have earned on a daily bases 1k or more through   Bitcoin Evolution. Please note that results depend on the type of investment made from the start.

Can I withdraw the Bitcoin on my Bitcoin Evolution account?

Regrettably, not. You will not collect the said Bitcoin; it is going to be used Bitcoin accessible within the market through the broker you select.

Should I invest with Bitcoin Evolution?

Because Bitcoin is such an unpredictable asset, countless investors have stated that they become wealthy through it immediately. This is why Bitcoin Evolution, is the perfect platform to begin your journey.

Does the Bitcoin Evolution have a high success rate?

Based on citations it does. A predictable win rate of above 88% is projected. 

Have celebrities endorsed the Bitcoin Evolution?

Numerous public figures opened up about their optimistic views regarding Bitcoin Evolution, yet not a single one has publicly supported it.

Are the same perks offered by the other products that are identical Bitcoin Evolution?

 Due to Bitcoin Evolution’s popularity, new software and applications similar to Bitcoin Evolution started engulfing the cryptocurrency market. All these new tools came to because of Bitcoin Evolution. Yet it doesn’t suggest that those other apps are better. Always look out for scammers trying to get your money. 

Is it required to possess Bitcoin savings prior making use of Bitcoin Evolution?

No. There is no need to own Bitcoin savings to work with the Bitcoin Evolution program. This app allows people to use and generate profits without having to purchase or possess the said cryptocurrency. 
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