Bitcoin Era: Fraud Or Serious??

Anyone who wants to earn real money with Bitcoin these days will sooner or later not be able to avoid the new automated trading systems – such as Bitcoin Era – in principle. Since there are now many such brokers, and since they are not always easy to distinguish at first glance, we are starting a Bitcoin Era test today and would like to report here on the experience we have gained.

What are the experiences of users with Bitcoin Era?

Traders who are looking for reports from other users on their experience with Bitcoin Era are first faced with a major affront. Here, the results for this term, which are shown in the top positions by the usual search engines, usually have little to do with the respective broker.

However, some test reports can be found in the lower places, but it is not quite sure from which traditions the experiences presented originate. In this way an evaluation of the offer can be evaluated only conditionally. At some point then the user of course also comes across his searched broker. On the start page, a striking video draws attention to Bitcoin Era’s customer service. It describes Bitcoin Era as a mixture of man and machine, which are tradable with CFDs and also other assets of the crypto currencies.

As it seems, Bitcoin Era will be offered to a limited number of users for a defined period of time only

The first steps when using Bitcoin Era

If a visitor to the site is now more interested in what the Era has to offer and has also registered here, he or she will be directed straight to another platform. When registering here, the visitor is asked to give his telephone number. In the course of the process, the indication now appears that an employee of the company will contact the user by telephone.

Whether this is the case with Bitcoin Era cannot yet be conclusively assessed at this point. What is certain, however, is that the operators say almost very little about themselves and the respective offer is not described very clearly. Nor is any information on deposits or withdrawals given.

How honest is Bitcoin Era?

The success rate in the test was 88 percent. It is important to know that everything that is over 80 per cent represents an outstanding result.

The investment with a special Kryptorobot is however always risky, therefore it is recommended to make only a minimum deposit of 250 Euro on the account.

We have now tested this platform and are particularly convinced of its instinctive application and success rate.

How does Bitcoin Era deposit, trade and withdrawal work?

Traders trading on the Bitcoin Era platform are sent certain signals, which are also promising. Subsequently, the investor decides whether or not to take advantage of the opportunity. Bitcoin Era always relies on a specific CFD broker to whom the signals are then sent and who consequently executes the trades.

If the percentage share for a profit and also a loss is particularly large, the traders must have a success rate of 70 percent in terms of valuation in order to be able to show an affirmative balance in the type of speculation. Bitcoin Era showed a high success rate of 86 percent in the test. In addition, users trading in the segment require additional dispositions for successful trading.

Official Bitcoin Era Registration

Bitcoin Era: Fraud Or Serious?? 1

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Registration with Bitcoin Era



Step 1: Registration and login



Traders who wish to register on the Bitcoin Era need only enter their name and surname. A valid phone number, email address and password are required. This can also be generated automatically by the website.



As soon as an investor has entered his personal data on the site, he will receive a confirmation e-mail. Afterwards he can access the offer of that trading platform completely and securely.



Step 2: The way to test the platform



The prospective trader should always be aware of the fact that the environment in the online exchange is particularly complex. Therefore he runs the risk of losing the invested money within a very short time. Immediately after registering, he should therefore first try the offered test mode in order to familiarize himself with the functions of the entire trading platform. Traders have the opportunity to make sales and purchases as well as to try a crypto robot, which trades automatically without any financial risk.



If the investors make profits in the test mode, they cannot be paid out. These transactions are only imaginary purchases and also sales, which have no influence on the actual market events. The offered prices are also adjusted here. This has two main reasons:



On the one hand the prospective investor gets a more recognized feeling for online trading.



On the other hand, he should therefore be asked to pay higher amounts into the account on the trading platform.



The offered test mode serves the operators of the side thus primarily as marketing instrument, why investors should not attribute a large weight to the profits from the mode to be tested.



At best, the test mode should allow traders to familiarize themselves with the trading platform and the operation of the trading robot. On the other hand, traders should make sure that they select the settings in this mode in the same way as in real trading at a later date. Investors should also try out those options during trading that they want to use later when they want to risk their real money. If the investor only takes losses in the test mode, he should think about the trading strategy and choose another one. Because the intended procedure might not be successful in the fact rather if it does not work already with thought out values.



Step 3: The deposit options



If the prospective investors have tried the test mode sufficiently, the first deposit is now made. The following payment service providers and payment types are accepted on the platform:



  • PayPal,
  • Skrill,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Western Union,
  • all major credit cards, and
  • WebMoney



Beginners should currently not exceed their minimum deposit amount. However, they must bear in mind that the processing time for all payment methods is unequal. For example, a bank transfer should take a few working days to be credited to the account. For credit card payments, the processing time is usually only a few hours.



A small amount of 250 euros is recommended for a successful start. This is absolutely sufficient to process many small transactions on the platform, so that investors get to know the stock market well. However, anyone who takes a single large risk on CFDs must also be aware of the risk of total loss, because this is a particularly speculative product.



Step 4: The automated trading



The investor now has the option of carrying out all transactions independently or risk automatic trading using the so-called crypto robot. These are such programs with a special algorithm, which should be able to calculate the price development in advance. However, the rate of success of these robots differs from trading platform to trading platform.



If you decide to use automatic trading, you have to make some settings in advance. For example, the deposited credit, the price and the asset must be regulated. Often it is possible to enter the desired profit or even the maximum loss, whereupon the automatic robot sells, if the limit is also reached.



The trader can follow the transactions on his screen in real time. In case of a possible bad situation in the market, it is better to deactivate this robot, because it cannot always detect bad market situations, which also extend over a longer period of time. However, this robot does not represent a guarantee of useful trading.



Is the Bitcoin Era a scam?



The question of whether or not the Bitcoin Era is a genuine fraud can be answered very easily. The very first sight does not indicate a hypocritical intention of all operators.



We ourselves could not find any signs of scam, fraud or rip-off in the Bitcoin Era during the tests.



There may be some experience of the Bitcoin Era app on the Internet, but opinions are divided. While some investors consider the offer here to be fraudulent and also dubious, other traders consider it to be very serious. However, it is not possible to say with absolute certainty where the pages on which these opinions were published came from. Accordingly, these have only a limited informative value for the evaluation.



Is Bitcoin Era also serious?



The providers of Bitcoin Era promise investors that they can make high profits within a very short time. But with such promises the traders should always be suspicious in any case.



Particularly in the initial period, however, future traders can limit the risk to a safe minimum once they have decided on the provider. So they should only deposit small amounts of money here at first to be sure that they are really dealing with a serious operator of the site, who also executes the payouts safely and to the satisfaction of the users.



Yvonne Catterfeld; Lena and a



change: Have these celebrities already invested in Bitcoin Era?



On many websites, users can read that well-known celebrities like Yvonne Catterfeld, Lena Gercke, Boris Becker, Klaas Heufer Umlauf, Dirk Müller, Rubin Lind, Andrea Nahles, Lena, Til Schweiger, Thomas gottschalk, Oliver Welke, Günther Jauch, or Wolfgang Lippert have invested in Bitcoin Era. This is also reported by ZDF. Even if we can’t verify that rumor at this point, whether these celebrities actually invested, we think that the probability is rather low that this is really the case here.



Regrettably, many websites often resort to fraudulent methods when it comes to advertising for car trading and products. Often, even on these websites, users are not redirected to the real Bitcoin Era Robot, but end up on a dubious website.



Bitcoin Era in the press: Reports in Zeit, Bild and on ZDF



As already described in the previous paragraph, there are always liars who do not advertise exclusively with the names of celebrities, but also with newspapers, media and television programmes. Here allegedly that the Bild newspaper, ZDF,, heise, the cave of the lions, hard however fair as well as also further transmissions, magazines or web pages are to have reported on the current Bitcoin Era.



Regrettably, the fictitious news only serves to direct users to fraudulent sites.



The conclusion on the Bitcoin Era



In the test conducted, we could not find any signs of fraud. The instinctive interface as well as the good success rate of 88 percent convinced us to trade with Bitcoin Era.



If you would like to start your own test now, it should be said that this is a speculative investment and accordingly only a minimum contribution should be paid in, and this only if the investor is aware that not only profits but also losses are possible.

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